About us

The leader at the helm of the Insignia Management Consulting is an experienced campaigner as far as the Human Resource Domain is concerned, may it be fresher Hiring, Experienced Head Hunting, Training or Being an enabler for that matter. It was 2005 that brought some like-minded people together to formulate a strategy that would help change a lot of techies of the state who otherwise were only dependent on luck to get an offer letter while being in-campus.

We are a company with an aim to provide end-to-end HR Solution to our esteemed clients. When we say HR solution it means that it’s not only finding Human Capital but ensuring they are utilized to an optimum level. Looking out for human capital is just the beginning for us, the steps that follows after that is pretty sure to make feel a positive vibe for the clients. Not only we identify but we fine-tune them for the specific need of the corporate demand.

With experience it is realized that the academia is not entirely sufficient to meet the demands of industry. Once the Industry starts feeling the knowledge gap between the demand & supply, than they might opt keeping them self away from giving a 2nd chance to the same academia for the next recruitment season. This would prove very embarrassing for the academia, but we have an answer for this, “WE CAN BE AN ENABLER” to bridge the knowledge gap between demand & supply.